Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The devil is in the detail

My last blog post was my two recent large drawings. Now I have a few small works to show.
I'm currently in the process of creating a A4 booklet of my small narrative works and limited edtion prints.
They are very much in tune with the larger pieces however I believe because of their scale and detail, they possess a more menacing, darker quality with stark interiors and waif like girls. I feel the work is more pure and intimate due to its scale.

If you would like to order the booklet and prints me send me a message:
or facebook me on my artist page profile: Fiona Michie, artist.

Small stories

It's been a while since I last posted but I have been busy, creating large and small pieces.
I've also been creating a lot of images from my imagination, using no visual references. Working in this was allows me far more freedom and the images seem to have a more ethereal quality to them which is exactly what I am aiming for.

Ella, is a large drawing, roughly based on one of my images from the Seekers, 2013 series.
The female character is small, almost dwarf like with a fragile frame, possessing a menacing gaze.
I wanted to play with the idea that Ella is in a middle moment, leaving the interpretation up the viewer. Is she waiting or guarding the entrance to what lies beyond the door or is she ready for what ever comes out ?

Another recent large piece is Honeycomb. I began with a strong image of a woman looking out of a window with her eyes and upper head covered from a sheer white curtain. Slowly, the rest of the space grew and took form, like a honeycomb, becoming a rich ornate interior where my character prefers the comfort of staying in and looking out. The white curtain shields her eyes and the outside world becomes a blurred and softer place to view.

Honeycomb, 85 x 95 cm

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

A drawback, drawing exhibition - Perennial Art

A drawback, is a group exhibition of drawings, curated by Perennial Art.
The exhibition consists of emerging and established contemporary artists, who consider drawing as an integral part of they creative process. They all love drawing.

I showed two new drawings. Annabel and Luna.

Annabel, 75 x 75cm
Luna, 64 x 45 cm

I wanted to create ethereal young women, that were in touch with nature.
Here's also the website link.

They just seem to emerge,,

Recently I have been creating more imaginary drawings, producing one or more every week. I love them because they are fun to make and capture something within me, revealing my love of romanticism. Here are quite a few...

Friday, 28 February 2014

Seeker. 2013 - Arts Complex, Edinburgh.

Seekers, 2013 is an exhibition of drawings I showed at the Arts Complex, in Edinburgh.
The collection consists of 9, A5 monochrome drawings.
Inspired by my love of desolate country estates and ghost stories from the 19th Century and beyond, they act as film stills, from my imaginary estate.