Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Bit of Positive Press.

I was delighted to be in two publications recently.
Knock News Magazine - Novembers Issue 2015 and then Trend Magazine for the January - February Issue. Both publications are based locally in Aberdeen/shire and focus on showcasing the best of what's to offer and to be seen in this region of Scotland. (plus its free !!)

Artist feature in Knock News magazine.
Novembers Issue / Front KN Cover.
Mistress of the Dark Arts - Artist feature.
Jan/Feb Issue - Trend front cover.

Everything in a tale..

Recently I have been making poems to accompany a few of my pen sketches. Its been a lot of fun and to be honest I'm pleasantly surprised how quickly they slipped off my tongue.

"Come and greet us,
stay for a while,
says one with a candle,
the other with a smile,
so happy to see you,
don't be afraid,
our last guest left us
look here, feel her braids."

"Don't look out, they said,
just wait for one more day !
But she waited long enough,
and it was now her time to pay.
She opened up the window,
placed her hands upon the ledge,
a force of wind took over,
and severed her sweet head."

"Miss M Nightingale,
governess of Hill House,
lurks behind the staircase,
hands restless as a mouse,
listening to the chatter,
of children unaware,
she'll snatch them by their ear lobs,
then drag them up the stairs."

All art works and poetry ©Fiona Michie, 2016

Friday, 9 October 2015

Naked Aye Art Collective, Edinburgh

Naked Aye collective  - Edinburgh Palette, 151 London Road, Edinburgh.
3rd to 18th October 2015.

I am so delighted to be part of the Edinburgh Arts Collective - Naked Aye, multi arts exhibition.
Last Saturday I was at the opening and was overwhelmed with the amount of interest and admiration for the work on show. The Naked Arts collective team are helpful, friendly and so passionate about show, its message and every artist they promote. Thank you Naked Aye.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Sleep walking

Another drawing to the collection. This one is roughly A3 in size and I'm getting better at the detail working on this scale.

tales in ink

I've been really enjoying creating these small pen drawings. I don't have the luxury of a studio at the moment but there is something really enchanting about making drawings in my bedroom. It takes me back to childhood when a piece of paper and any drawing material was enough. The drawings are small and fit so easy in the hand that a book of this scale could be really special and intimate.
I think I have a project on my hands...

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Little girls that fiddle

If Im feeling a bit tired and just want to chill and watch TV, but still be slightly productive at the same time, I like to make pen drawings in my small sketch book and because I'm slightly sleepy the results can be quite surprising and strange.

Inverleith at VAS Annual show.

Delighted that one of my large scale drawings Inverleith, was part of this years VAS - Visual Arts Scotland - Transforming, Annual Exhibition. I was also pleased to see such a rich mixture of contemporary works made from traditional materials, including drawing, painting and tapestry.
Extra bonus that an image of Inverleith was also in the catalogue.