Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Everything in a tale..

Recently I have been making poems to accompany a few of my pen sketches. Its been a lot of fun and to be honest I'm pleasantly surprised how quickly they slipped off my tongue.

"Come and greet us,
stay for a while,
says one with a candle,
the other with a smile,
so happy to see you,
don't be afraid,
our last guest left us
look here, feel her braids."

"Don't look out, they said,
just wait for one more day !
But she waited long enough,
and it was now her time to pay.
She opened up the window,
placed her hands upon the ledge,
a force of wind took over,
and severed her sweet head."

"Miss M Nightingale,
governess of Hill House,
lurks behind the staircase,
hands restless as a mouse,
listening to the chatter,
of children unaware,
she'll snatch them by their ear lobs,
then drag them up the stairs."

All art works and poetry ©Fiona Michie, 2016

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